Canvas prints are a nice way of making art works out of your favorite digital images or old photographs. Canvas art involves printing your chosen picture on to a canvas which will then be mounted or stretched over a frame using stretcher bars or a crossbar. The result is a beautiful, custom-made wall décor. Popular subjects of canvas prints include family pictures or individual pictures of family members. But you can also choose your favorite piece of art and have it printed on canvas.

Canvas artworks are also a great way to express your creativity and individuality. With canvas arts of your favorite pictures, you can be sure that there are no other art works like yours. What’s more, you can go for multiple canvas displays to really play up your creative side. Multiple canvas prints involve printing a single image over two or more canvases.

Triptych Canvas Art

One type of multi canvas display is triptych canvas art. Arguable the best known and most widely used form of multi canvas art, triptych involves printing and displaying a single image over three canvases. The style has been around for hundreds of years and is very popular with Christian and Chinese art and pictures. The style remains popular today among artists, photographers and art afficionados as well. The traditional triptych uses a row of three portrait canvases with a small gap between the panels. This type of arrangement is ideal for showing off the landscape, scenery, and panoramic shots because of the natural dimensions of these kinds of images that photo prints in Canada and of the triptych display usually match perfectly. Also, there is very little altering and cropping that needs to done. Triptych canvas art is a great is a lovely and creative alternative to a lone canvas artwork.

Multi Canvas Prints

Triptych canvas prints may be the most popular type of multi canvas artwork, you can go for several customized canvas display to come up with a really unique design and really show off your individuality. Multi canvas prints cab be created to your specific requirements and have any photo or image printed over any number of canvasses in any shape and style you like. Just be careful with choosing an image for your multi canvas print. Pictures of nature (such as plants), cityscape, landscape or scenery usually work well with multiple canvas prints. It all depends on how it will be cropped when creating the multi canvas display. Pictures of a person or a group of people usually do not work well for multip canvas arts.

Right Image and Right Crop

Canvases that are lined up in a row are usually ideal for horizon shots. Square or rectangular objects are ideally arranged in a grid formation, preferably with two rows of two pictures showing off your favorite plant or flower for instance.

This is what is great about canvas artwork, particularly multi canvas displays. They are very versatile, which means you can play with the design and arrangement to come up with a really unique and personalized wall art.