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Epoxy Floors St. Louis

Epoxy Floors St. Louis
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Epoxy Floor Contractors St. Louis MO

Epoxy floor contractors stay among the most popular home improvement services for area households throughout the St. Louis, MO community. Whether its the biting winter cold, humid summers, or clumsy housemates, your flooring can end up with damage. Epoxy flooring can perform through all the hazards all year long.

However, installation isn’t always as straightforward as it appears on TV or in online videos, making for challenging DIY projects. When the installation conditions arent right, and you’ve never attempted it before, the process can create an expensive mess for many homeowners.

Instead, you can count on the epoxy flooring contractors at Epoxy Floors St. Louis for expert results at an affordable price. No matter where you need our advanced flooring options, more St. Louis, MO homeowners turn to our team.

They know that we can help them save more on a unique set of floors that adds lasting value anywhere. For the best installation possible for your concrete, epoxy, and floor coating products, leave it all up to our contractors.

Epoxy Floor St. Louis Services & More

Only recently have homeowners started to discover the benefits and beauty of epoxy, concrete, and other materials for flooring. You no longer must settle for the same boring choices in carpet floors, tile, and hardwood again without spending more.

Our advanced epoxy contractor group knows how to take on any project you have in mind, achieving the best results. Whether you need help creating a more hypoallergenic living space or simply want better-protected floors, we solve all your problems.

You wont believe the world of difference the right epoxy floor coating contractor can make for your homes upgraded materials. Call on our experienced installation team for gorgeous floors that last. You will save more for better results on:

  • Garage Epoxy Floor

  • Garage Floor Coatings

  • Polished Concrete

  • Stained Concrete

  • Metallic Epoxy Floors

  • Decorative Concrete

  • Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

  • And more advanced flooring solutions

No matter which projects you have in mind for us, we guarantee lasting beauty and value for each one. Stop choosing the same dull options as everyone else and see the results of epoxy and concrete flooring choices today.

Best St. Louis Garage Epoxy Floor

Garage epoxy floor choices have proven to be the home upgrade everyone wants to see installed, but not every contractor offers it. However, when you choose our experienced local installation team, we can guarantee better results each time.

From using specific colors and patterns to keeping your new epoxy floors in better condition longer, choose us. We know how to complete any style of resin flooring for your garage, keeping it in better shape than before.

Many people don’t realize that the floors in their garage are merely the foundation slab underneath their home. Without giving it a protective barrier to mitigate heat, impact, and chemical damages, you stay at risk for future problems.

We can customize your new flooring system with a variety of different additives and installation methods. See why more homeowners are eager to use garage epoxy floor options for their household and to save on quality installations.

St Louis Garage Floor Epoxy

Our Services

The following are our most common services for epoxy flooring in St. Louis, MO

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Garage Floor Coating St. Louis

Epoxy Floor St Louis

When you arent sure that you feel ready for a complete resin floor, there is a cheaper alternative to consider. A garage floor coating provides many of the same benefits of full epoxy surfaces without as much material or labor.

As a simplified alternative, we can complete these upgrades in a matter of hours, leading to immediate home improvements. And while it wont prove quite as durable as the real deal, it still offers enhanced daily protection for a good amount of time.

Best of all, youll find that an epoxy garage floor coating remains easy to maintain with regular sweeping or washing. As long as you continue to stay on top of the upkeep, you can use these systems for years.

Whether you don’t feel convinced that resin floors are the right choice, or you need a quick improvement, call us today. We can leave your garage better protected for less with a quality, longer lasting protective coating today.

Best Polished Concrete Contractor

Best Polished Concrete Contractor

Polished concrete takes otherwise plain, ordinary gray cement and turns it into a gorgeous flooring system with specialized tools and techniques. By wearing away the porous topmost layer of concrete, we can leave your surfaces sparkling.

Epoxy FloorsSt. Louis achieves your best results with fine grits of diamond tipped power sanding tools. Whether you prefer a bright and shiny high-gloss finish or something closer to matte, we can do it all.

Polished concrete floors can also receive color stains for added customizability, helping you take your project even further. From shimmering dining room floors to simple solutions for hallway flooring, polished cement looks great virtually anywhere.

St. Louis Stained Concrete

St Louis Polished Concrete

Stained concrete is similar to polished systems, but it uses acid etching and color stains for unique results. The core difference between the two installation techniques is that your stained cement floors can mimic other materials.

Once we complete your project, you can enjoy the look of natural stone, marble, or tile. You can maintain your brand-new floors with dust mopping and sweeping, making for easy weekly cleanings.

Metallic Epoxy Floors St. Louis

St Louis liquefied Metal Epoxy Floors

Metallic epoxy floors build on standard resin flooring systems and create unique results with metal flakes and stains. The process adds more depth to your final coloration that doesnt happen with other techniques.

Whether you need to turn your garage into a luxury showroom or enjoy galaxy-inspired patterns, we can complete any request. The number of design options available for your unique floors feels nearly endless when you hire our contractors.

St. Louis Decorative Concrete Contractors

St Louis Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete installations include all the processes that take dull gray cement and leave it looking fabulous. And while that includes polishing and staining, we can offer much more than that for enhanced surfaces anywhere.

In addition to unique customized flooring, we can also take decorative concrete services outdoors for improved patios, driveways, and more. We can create a simplified way of adding lasting value anywhere you have poured concrete surfaces.

Best Concrete Resurfacing Contractor St. Louis

St Louis Stained Concrete

Hiring the right concrete resurfacing contractor can mean the difference between prolonging cement and paying a fortune to replace it. While a poured surface may last as long as 20 years with the right maintenance, most need some help.

Concrete resurfacing services involve removing the top layer of the existing area and covering it with a protective seal coat. We also fill in any damaged areas with powerful bonding adhesives that ensure you can use your concrete for longer.

St. Louis Epoxy Company Near Me

Epoxy systems and decorative concrete floors require an experienced service contractor for the best results possible. While they remain relatively affordable flooring materials, simple mistakes can lead to expensive messes during a novice installation.

Instead, hiring our team means choosing experienced service contractors who know how to save you more on every job. When traditional floor materials don’t do enough for your daily use and sense of style, call us.

Epoxy floors and decorative concrete have long been the preferred choice for businesses, and now homeowners are learning to love them as well. Contact us at Epoxy FloorsSt. Louis for your best new flooring systems today.

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