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Using poured cement saves builders thousands on materials and labor when they construct a new home or commercial retail building. Unfortunately, solid gray panels don’t do much for your curb appeal, leading to renewed popularity for stained concrete installation services.

By utilizing stains on cement surfaces, they can drastically transform from ordinary walkways into beautiful floors and exterior paved patios. You will find the process a relatively affordable and convenient way to add tons of value virtually anywhere at home.

Epoxy Floors ST. Louiscontinues to save homeowners throughout the St. Louis, MO area more on stunning decorative concrete surfaces. We provide a cost-effective way of enhancing the beauty of any interior living areas or exterior cement paths every day.

If you still have flat, gray, uninspiring concrete throughout your property, we can help you improve your curb appeal now. For the best results possible from your updated cement spaces, allow our experienced contractors to save you more on installation services.

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Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete

Best Stained Concrete St. Louis

Stained concrete flooring has become an increasingly popular choice for more homeowners, mostly because of how versatile the process is. By taking your existing poured cement surface and applying stains and grinding techniques, we can improve it to match your preferences.

We provide a wide variety of design choices that can capture any hues, patterns, textures, and other customizable appearance options. Whether you prefer a high-gloss faux stone surface or a deep matte finish, we can complete them all for less.

Whatever it takes to bring your designs to life, we provide the advanced installation techniques that you need the most. Contact us and discuss your options for beautiful new cement floors and save a ton on your home improvement projects:

  • Concrete Driveways

  • Cement Sidewalks

  • Poured Patios

  • Cement Walkways

  • Faux Marble Finish

  • False Wood Appearance

  • Natural Stone Look

  • Interior Flooring

  • Enhanced Countertops

  • Exterior Paved Pathways

  • Acid Stains

  • Water-Based Stain

  • And more stained concrete solutions.

You won’t believe what our installation experts can do with your dull gray concrete surfaces. They can create beautiful lasting floors. Contact us today and hear your options for improved poured cement and see the stunning results your home upgrade deserves.

Stained Concrete Contractors Near Me

Stained concrete flooring remains a technique that needs trained professionals for the best installation results possible. Otherwise, you could soon see uneven shading, drip marks, cloudy appearances, and more avoidable mistakes that ruin your improvement project.

When you choose experienced local contractors for your new lovely cement areas, it means you have cement that looks fantastic for longer. We can always get the most out of any preferred staining products, and we know how to eliminate more blemishes.

Once we have finished your job, you will have fewer weekly items in terms of homeowner maintenance needs. Regular washing with a garden hose, a mop and dish detergent, or sweeping and dust mopping should prove to be enough.

See the difference experienced contractors make and choose Epoxy Floors St. Louis.

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