St. Louis Metallic Epoxy Floors

Lately, homeowners throughout St. Louis, MO have discovered the beauty of metallic epoxy floors for their house, usually from TV shows. Home improvement and investment programs continue to highlight these surfaces luxurious appearance created at affordable costs.

You can expect to pay costs similar to what you would spend on decent tile and grout or hardwood flooring. You will also enjoy a unique choice in floors that provides a lot of customizable design options for added value.

Epoxy Floors St. Louis offers the best in local metallic epoxy floors for less with an experienced team of contractors. We understand how to get better results from any custom design preferences for colors, textures, patterns, and more choices.

When homeowners feel tired of traditional flooring materials, they want something unique that doesn’t require lots of upkeep. When you need a low-maintenance flooring option or something that sets you apart from the rest, call our team today.

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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors St. Louis

The difference between these custom flooring systems and standard epoxy surfaces is the various ways we can finish them. We can create floors that mimic natural stone and marble, galaxy-inspired swirls, or even tile and grout. You’ll love the results when you choose us.

We provide a variety of different flakes, stains, patterns, and more ways to provide lasting beauty and value. From kitchen floors that won’t crack to dining room flooring that stays stain resistant, it’s no wonder it’s gaining popularity.

Even if it is in only one room in your home, you can count on making a huge impression on every guest. Whatever your exact needs or preferences might be, we guarantee a unique flooring system that lasts with little maintenance with:

  • 3D Epoxy Metallic

  • White Pearl

  • High-Gloss Metallic

  • Matte Finished Metallic

  • Metallic Plasma Finish

  • Dark Metallic Floors

  • Crater Effects

  • Ripple Floor Finish

  • Acid Stain Look

  • False Stone Appearance

  • Faux Marble Floors

  • Galaxy-Inspired Swirls

  • And more customizable options.

Many professional interior designers think that metallic epoxy floors will be the future of residential flooring systems. When you need an economical home upgrade that turns heads, you need our installation contractors.

The Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Because the primary base of your new floors uses your house’s concrete slab, it has already undergone a hardening process. While decorative concrete usually requires a lot of labor to shine, these systems use fast-curing resin instead.

Once they finish setting, you can look forward to years of water, impact, scratch, and stain resistance with little maintenance. Most homeowners find regular dust mopping, sweeping, and mild dish soap are enough to keep the floors bright, glossy, and gorgeous.

Their highly reflective finish makes your home lighter and less reliant on artificial light, especially with white pearl and translucent options. And because they don’t have fibers like carpet flooring does, they stay hypoallergenic as well as friendlier for the environment.

See the difference our trusted installation team can make for your home improvement project. Hire us at Epoxy Floors St. Louis today for your best options in metallic epoxy floors.

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