Clayton, MO Epoxy Flooring

You may not have heard of our city yet, but area residents know of our progress throughout the past century. Today, you can find virtually any products or services, including Clayton, MO epoxy flooring systems offered by our local installation contractors.

At St. Louis Epoxy Flooring, we continue providing quality flooring that you can’t find anywhere else throughout the city. When you choose us, it means you will have access to reliable results for epoxy, concrete, and more unique material options.

Whether you saw a neighbor with a new garage epoxy floor or just need help repairing concrete surfaces, hire us. No one provides as many choices for colors, patterns, textures, and other designs, all at affordable pricing for any system.

No matter which materials or installation techniques work best for your preferences, you can still depend on our team every day. When you need the epoxy contractor group you can depend on for better results, call the company more homeowners trust.

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Clayton MO Epoxy Flooring

Clayton MO Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has been around for years, but only recently have homeowners discovered its lasting beauty and value for homes. When installed on your property, it provides many protective qualities without a lot of frustrating maintenance and upkeep requirements.

When we provide your house with its best new epoxy floors, you can rely on them for years without worry. And when they do need a helping hand to remain at their peak condition, you can still call on us.

  • Garage Epoxy Floor

While a garage floor coating remains a popular option, a full resin floor may prove more beneficial for your needs. If your garage gets lots of daily use, or you store tools and chemicals in it, epoxy helps protect the floor better.

Epoxy stays resistant to more forms of daily hazards, from high heat and impacts to spilled fluids and corrosive products. We can help you achieve a stunning showroom finish to show off cars or to decrease the risk of damage.

  • Polished Concrete

As your best polished concrete contractor, we can help you save on gorgeous new floors that stay beautiful for years. Polished concrete flooring makes for breathtaking living spaces, as well as brighter interior rooms as they reflect light all day.

Depending on the final appearance you want, we can leave your surfaces shimmering with high-gloss polish or more matte. Whichever finished product that you prefer to see, our team always achieves the best results.

  • Decorative Concrete

One look around your property is all it takes to realize just how many surfaces rely on poured gray cement. However, you don’t have to keep living with materials you dislike, and we provide many decorative concrete services for hire.

From faux natural stone patios to interior floors that look like expensive hardwood, we can provide them all. Choose our contractors for your best results on longer-lasting decorative concrete flooring systems.

  • Metallic Epoxy

Unlike other resin flooring options, metallic epoxy achieves an even more unique appearance through flakes and other additives during installation. The results for these systems are one-of-a-kind swirls and patterns, as well as the ability to mimic wood, stones, or tiles.

Metallic epoxy flooring tends to be the choice more homeowners select as it looks more elegant over other personalized options. When you need a straightforward approach to adding lots of value to any indoor area, our team remains the best.

  • Epoxy Floor Coating

Sometimes called concrete epoxy, our floor coating uses a thick layer of resin instead of a built-up secondary flooring system. Epoxy concrete surfaces provide many of the same benefits while depending on a less invasive installation process for faster results.

When you can’t find the time for an entire resin system, a floor coating contractor provides the next best thing. Give your rooms a protective layer that lasts without the fuss of a full epoxy floor installation.

  • Stained Concrete

If you need more than floors that shine all day long, stained concrete takes the process even further with colors. We can help you achieve flooring that mimics other materials and choices or create something unique for you to enjoy.

  • Concrete Resurfacing Contractor

Each time you drop a tool in your garage or back out of your driveway, you’re wearing out the cement. A concrete resurfacing contractor knows how to maintain your poured surfaces to keep them at their best.

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