Polished Concrete Contractors St. Louis

When you picture poured cement, you likely imagine an old stained driveway or dirty garage floor. However, more homeowners living throughout the St. Louis, MO have discovered the beauty of polished concrete flooring systems.

By applying several different acids, stains, and sanding grits, you can see a wide variety of finishes. Because it can also mimic other surfaces and materials, it provides an affordable alternative to more expensive floor choices.

Epoxy Floors St. Louis provides the best in local polished concrete flooring with experienced service contractors and quality product options. You can look forward to surfaces that don’t require a lot of fuss to stay gorgeous.

Add tons of value and lasting beauty to your floors today with our selection of design services. We guarantee the highest quality results you need to see for less on any home improvement project.

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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Best St. Louis Polished Concrete

Although polished concrete floors use your home’s original poured concrete slab, it can take on an impressive number of features. We can provide a broad spectrum of choices with specific sanding grits, color dyes, and aggregates for different surfaces.

The right design touches can enhance your d’cor, as well as make for an interior unlike anyone else’s. Better still is how simple they prove to maintain week after week without taking lots of time or effort.

It’s no wonder why commercial and industrial buildings consider polished cement to be the best-kept flooring secret for so many years. Contact us today for your highest quality of results for any preferences you may have, including floors that feature:

  • Cream Polish

  • Salt & Pepper Finish

  • Aggregate Stone Look

  • Full Exposure Polish

  • Random Exposure Stone

  • Textured Bathroom Floors

  • Seamless Kitchen Flooring

  • High-Gloss Finish

  • Semi-Gloss Look

  • Matte Appearance

  • Custom Color Options

  • Grind and Seal Floors

  • And more polished concrete options.

We can customize your home with a long-lasting flooring system that performs well even with daily foot traffic. For the best in local polished cement contractors, choose our experienced installation team for your home.

Why Polished Concrete Floors?

Many companies would rather not take on polishing your concrete floors because it takes a lot of labor to get results. Otherwise, you only wind up with beautiful surfaces that quickly get cloudy or even crumble from daily wear and tear.

It takes fine-grit sanding pads and plenty of elbow grease to leave poured cement shining with a reflective glossy sheen. However, once we finish the job, it looks great for years to come.

Polished concrete floors stay at a constant ground temperature, making for cooler houses, and they are among the most environmentally-friendly floors to install. You can enjoy flooring that is tough against stains, scratches, and scuffs without expensive maintenance costs.

Polished Concrete Contractors Near Me

When your property deserves the best in local polished concrete contractors, our team remains your trusted name for beautiful floors. Hire Epoxy Floors St. Louis‘today and see the difference we can make for you.

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